My roses have arrived - What next?

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My Roses have arrived - What now?

One of our most satisfying times in the Nursery is digging up the year’s bareroot roses and bringing them into the packing shed for grading, bundling and packaging, ready for their new homes around the country. 

If you have placed a bareroot rose order with us this year it should arrive in the next few weeks.


It may have been a while since you’ve planted bareroot roses, so we have created a Planting Guide on how to settle them into their new home. 


We will still be accepting bareroot rose orders until the end of August – and there are some great specials on offer including one of our favourites, ‘Lady of Australia’. 

(Images below:  Bare root roses in the sawdust ready for delivery, and our team collecting and packing retail orders)

Bare Root Roses Collection

Our Rose Gift to You

Lady of Australia rose

We are accepting final orders for bareroot roses until the end of this month with an exciting offer to tempt you even more.

Purchase at least three bareroot roses and receive a complimentary ‘Lady of Australia’ rose. 

This is an Australian rose bred by Bruce Brundrett, named to celebrate the wives of the Governors-General of Australia. A unique floribunda rose with classically shaped bright yellow flowers, it shows ruffled petals when fully opened, fading to lighter yellow/cream on the outer side and revealing beautiful yellow stamens.

This fragrant, healthy and highly disease resistant plant is free flowering with dark green foliage and grows to a height of 120cm and a width of 100cm. A delightful addition to any rose garden.

Place your new order here

Australian Roses Collection

Bareroot rose planting tips

- When your bareroot plant arrives, open the box and check your order. If you are not ready for planting, the rose can survive in the packaging for up to two weeks. Make sure the newspaper is damp (not dripping wet), close the box and store in a cool, dark environment.

- The day before planting, place the rose plant in a bucket of clean water to soak the root system for 24 hours. 


- When you’re ready to plant, we highly recommend cutting back the canes to about one third of their height. It may sound drastic, but it will benefit the plant’s health enormously and will have a great effect on its vigour and growth. 

- Next dig a deep, wide hole and ensure the soil is broken up well. Place the plant in the hole and spread the root system out, then backfill with the soil. Water in well and mulch. 


Wagner's Rose Nursery Planting Guide included in your order has plenty more tips on planting, spacing, and caring for your bareroot roses. 

Watch Brian planting a new rose bush

Wagners give back

We are proud to have an ongoing partnership with renowned sustainable gardener Sophie Thompson and the reGrowth Garden Recovery Project

Through this important initiative we recently donated 500 bare rooted roses to the Riverland to be distributed amongst flood affected gardeners. For those who have lost gardens and so much more, replanting a garden is a sign of hope. These roses will be blooming in summer, one year after the flood came through. 

Other projects have included assisting post fire garden recovery on Kangaroo Island. Sophie’s series of short videos on ‘gardening after fire’ reminds us of how connection to gardens is so important for our health and wellbeing. 

You can read more about reGrowth Garden Recovery after Flood in Sophie’s Patch July newsletter.


Over 45% discount on selected varieties

Enjoy from 25 to over 45% discount on selected roses and collections that will be discontinued next year. 

We've just added to our Last Chance Collection some very popular varieties available as 120cm/4ft standards, which is a size we'll stop growing next year.

We are now offering the 120cm/4ft standards still in stock with over 45% discount - Cheaper than the 90cm/3ft standards! 

Don't miss this last chance to have them.

William Morris 120cm/4ft

William Morris  (Auswill) - 120cm/4ft standard

David Austin - Last chance 



Shop now
Tess of The d'Urbervilles 120cm/4ft

Tess of The d'Urbervilles (Ausmove)  - 120cm/4ft standard

David Austin - Last chance



Shop now
The Dark Lady

The Dark Lady (Ausbloom)

David Austin - Excellent repeat flowering 



Shop now


Strong shrub - Unique colour



Shop now
Iceberg Burgundy 120cm/4ft

Iceberg Burgundy - 120cm/4ft standard

Last chance - Very fragrant



Shop now
Seduction 120cm/4ft

Seduction - 120cm/4ft standard

Last chance - Cut flower



Shop now
Yellow roses collection

Yellow Roses Collection

Last chance roses



Shop now
Bordure Magenta

Bordure Magenta

Delbard rose - Last chance - 



Shop now

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